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All of the patients at Philip Cook, DDS, LLC are valued members of the extended family. However, younger patients hold a special place in the heart of every team member. Pediatric dentistry is both a calling and an honor, as these initial experiences shape the way children perceive dental care throughout their lives. Parents from the Wilmette, Illinois, area are encouraged to bring their children in to begin a lifetime of optimal dental health.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

Why is pediatric dentistry so important?

Pediatric dentistry ensures any dental issues your child get addressed promptly. However, that’s only one component to the importance of early dental care.

Research and technology have led to astounding advancements in dental care. That said, advanced dental treatment is of no use to people who avoid the dentist out of fear or dread.

Over decades of practice, Dr. Philip E. Cook has watched many children grow into healthy and thriving adults who continue to turn to him for comprehensive dental care. Dr. Philip M. Cook is excited to share that same experience as his pediatric patients mature.

How can parents help kids prepare for their first dental exam?

One of the best ways to prepare a child for their first dental appointment is to bring them in with you and allow them to watch you or an older sibling have a routine exam and cleaning. That removes much of the mystery surrounding what occurs in a dentist's chair and goes a long way toward reducing dental anxiety.

There are also several excellent children's books that explain what to expect when visiting the dentist. Rotating one or more of these books into your child's daily reading routine can help them look forward to their big day.

Some kids enjoy the anticipation of an event more than the experience itself. For those kids, marking a calendar and counting down days until their first trip to the dentist can be very exciting. Other kids just want to ask questions about what to expect and know that the experience will be positive.

What happens during a pediatric dental appointment?

The primary purpose of pediatric dental appointments is twofold. Dr. Cook is there to establish a trusting relationship with your child and educate him or her on proper dental hygiene practices. Secondly, pediatric dental appointments involve a comprehensive dental exam.

Dr. Cook understands that working with children requires an additional measure of patience and a different kind of interaction. He strives to make sure even the youngest patients feel comfortable in the office and can ask any questions regarding the health of their teeth.

Exams are completed swiftly, and Dr. Cook explains every step along the way. At the end of the exam, Dr. Cook asks if there are any other questions and congratulates your child on his or her progress in developing a healthy smile.